Henna Gift Pack Pack


Pack contains:

5 x Mini Henna Cones

1 x Henna Seal Spray

1 x Mini Henna Aftercare Balm

1 x 50cm White Fixation Tape Strip


Lavender Mix: Contains Lavender essential oil, suitable for young children and during pregnancy (only after 1st trimester)

Ingredients: Henna powder, lemon juice, water, sugar and essential oil.

Colour stains: Deep maroon/mahogany. Allow 48 hours to mature.

Cone weight: 1 0-12g

Cone size: 11cm

Pin tip size: 0.5mm

Henna crop: 2020 Rajasthani sojat

Use by:-

At room temperature – 1 to 2 days

Refrigerated – 2 to 3 days

Frozen – Up to 1 year, best within 6 months

PLEASE NOTE: A patch test should always be carried out 24hours before application.


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