Fresh Henna Cone


The finest quality henna and smooth paste ensures easy application of intricate designs and produces rich darks stains ideal for professional and personal use.

Available in two blends:
Cajeput Mix: Contains Cajeput essential oil, not suitable for children under 6 and during pregnancy.
Lavender Mix: Contains Lavender essential oil, suitable for young children and during pregnancy (only after 1st trimester)
Ingredients: Henna powder, lemon juice, water, sugar and essential oil.
Colour stains: Deep maroon/mahogany. Allow 48 hours to mature.
Cone weight: 30-35g
Cone size: 16.5cm
Pin tip size: 0.5mm
Henna crop: 2023 Rajasthani sojat
Use by:
At room temperature – 1 to 2 days
Refrigerated – 2 to 3 days
Frozen – Up to 1 year, best within 6 months
PLEASE NOTE: A patch test should always be carried out 24hours before application.


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Cajeput, Lavender

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