Henna is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as the henna tree. Henna also refers to temporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from the dyes.

Henna powder, lemon juice, water, sugar and essential oil.

No. The henna paste is 100% natural.

HennaByAfruza’s henna products which are mixed with cajeput essential oil is not recommend for pregnant/breast feeding women and young children.The lavender blend henna is best suited for these two groups. As with any product for the skin a small patch test should be carried out 24 hours before use so see if there are any reactions.

Fresh henna cones should be used within 3 days of arrival or kept frozen until needed. This will preserve the henna and stop the ageing of the paste.

Yes the henna cones will be made up fresh for every order.


Jagua comes from the Genipa Americana tree, which can be found in the jungles of South America. Like henna, Jagua is a temporary tattoo product that colours the skin a blue-black shade.

Jagua is a fruit based gel and henna is a leaf based paste. Both work by staining the top layer of the skin and fading away as the skin exfoliates. Both are all natural products that are used for temporary tattooing/body art.

Jagua Gel Ingredients: Genipa Americana powder, xantham gum, sugar, lemon juice, essential oil Jagua Henna Ingredients: Henna powder, Genipa Americana powder, xantham gum, lemon juice, essential oil.

No. Jagua products are 100% natural.

Yes, jagua is a natural substance and the risk of a side effect is extremely low. However there is a small possibility of an allergic reaction due to it being a fruit juice. If you have allergies to many fruits or have eczema, there is a slightly higher risk of a potential reaction. As with any product intended for the skin a small patch test should be carried out one week prior to a full application to so see if there are any reactions. If you experience any sensitivity, discontinue use straight away.

Jagua cones should be used within 3 days of arrival or kept frozen until needed. This will preserve it and stop the ageing of the gel/paste.

Yes they are made fresh for every order.

HennaByAfruza’s particular blend of jagua products include cajeput essential oil which is not recommend for pregnant/breast feeding women and young children.

No. Jagua is an all natural fruit based product. Black henna is not only NOT natural, but it doesn’t even necessarily contain henna. Black henna is made using PPD (para-phenylendediamine), which is a potentially dangerous chemical using black hair dye. Black henna has been the cause of many adverse reactions, ranging from rashes, chemical burns, permanent scarring and long term health problems.

Placing Orders

Payments are accepted through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to make payments as an option to insert card details is available on the Paypal gateway page.

Postage costs are based on the total weight of orders placed.

Royal Mail 1st Class
1st Class Recorded Special Next Day Delivery
0 - 100g £1.80 £3.20 £7.25
100 - 300g £2.90 £4.30 £8.00
300 - 500g £3.20 £4.30 £8.00
500 - 750g £4.10 £5.20 £8.20
750 - 1kg £4.35 £5.35 £9.35
1 - 2kg £6.00 £7.00 £11.50
2 - 5kg £9.50 £27.00 £27.00
5 - 10kg £16.50 £28.00 £28.00

All orders are posted via 1st class delivery so that product reaches you as fresh as possible. Please note the HennaByAfruza will not be held responsible for any delay in postage caused by Royal Mail. Any fresh henna orders not delivered on time may lose staining ability and will have to be repurchased as replacements will not be given due to circumstances out of our control. On very rare occasions Royal Mail First Class may take up to 15 days to be delivered (as set out in their terms and conditions). There are no refunds available for delayed delivery of orders. Customers must ensure all address details are correct at the time of placing orders.  Any fresh henna items delayed or returned to sender due to incorrect or incomplete addresses will have to be repurchased and no refunds are given.

Returns Policy

Due to stocking conditions fresh made henna/jagua cones are non refundable. If a cone is not usable ie. it gets blocked or is damaged in transit you can post the cone back and will be refunded the price of the cone(s). Fresh henna that is returned to us due to customers not claiming parcels sent via recorded delivery option will have to repurchase them. Returned fresh henna is no longer resalable and have to be discarded.
All other products can only be refunded if returned unused. Customers will have to pay for posting items back and refunds will be given excluding initial postage costs.