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Jagua Gel


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Product Description

Cone size: 10-12g, 0.38mm tip opening

Stain Colour: royal to deep inky blue

Consistency: Gel

Genipa americana (Jagua fruit) juice extract.
Xantham gum
Potassium sorbate
Cajeput essential oil


Recommended application: Leave on skin minimum 2 hours. Wrap/tape for up to 8 hours for full intensity stain. Wash off to remove and allow up to 48 hours for stain to develop.

Stain duration: Up to 2 weeks depending on application and aftercare. Will also depend on individual skin type and body chemistry.

What is Jagua?
The juice extracted from the unripened genipa america (jagua) fruit found in the rainforest.  Traditionally used by the indigenous people to create body art


CAUTION: Jagua juice a fruit extract that can cause topical rash in some customers. This can also be the case with long term use. In the event of such rash, antihistamine should be taken and a cortisone cream applied. Rashes can take up to 3 weeks to clear. Discontinue use if reaction takes place.

PLEASE NOTE: A patch test should always be carried out 24 -48 hours before application. Use at own risk 

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