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These are by far the best cones I have used. I used to swear by ash kumar cones but now they are so overpriced, so I decided to find an alternative. Not only are these cones cheaper but they are 100 times better flow wise and stain wise. The stain is just beyond belief, so dark it’s next to black! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

Riz (July ’15)


Hey dear Afruza, i must say ur Mehndi is a life saver to me:)kasam se.. I have waited on this Mehndi about Three years because I can not stand the other Mehndi, with camikalier, Thank God I found you Afruza, you make the world’s best my favorite Mehndi, which provides super duper world’s best color I’m so crazy about the color I’m just Mehndi love I have not enough of your Mehndi, for now I only order from you Afruza. Ma sha Allah you are so skillfully, Allah gives more and more successful in your project ameen

Shaz – Denmark (July ’15)


I bought both the lavender and cajeput mixes to use recently.
The package arrived quickly and I have been very impressed with the quality of henna used.
Having the choice of lavender for those with sensitive skin and for children, is a brilliant option. Thank you!
The colours are the deepest I have seen so far and the cone is a good size for handling (although a little leakage did develop towards the end of its shelf life).
Even hand designs are lasting well – I won’t buy henna from anywhere else now.
I look forward to buying more henna by Afruza in the near future!

Kendra (June ’15)


I have been using Afruza for 4 years and not once I have I had any complaints. Her products are on point and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Best mehndi I’ve used in 11years of doing mehndi..

The cones are perfect sizes and the consistency is perfect.

Colour is amazing in fact my brides sometimes complain it’s too dark..lol

Highly Recommended.

Kam Kumar – Slough (May ’15)


This is the most amazing henna I ever came across. I always get henna from back home (Pakistan) and this was the first time ordering online. I absolutely love the colour and fragrance of Lavender in it. Thank you so much for amazing product. Highly recommended will definitely order again. Great delivery service….!

Fai – Perth, Scotland (April ’15)


My sister always orders the henna cones from Afruza. The flow is always perfect. No blockages, and the COLOUR! Amazing. Initially is a orange but darkens to a beautiful reddish brown to even black in places. LOVE IT! We won’t use any other brand now. It has to be Afruza’s. Delivery is also very quick. Thank you!

Naz – London (February ’15)


I have ordered henna frm afruza a few times now and can honsstly say it is the best quality mendhi i hav used. I hav tried many diferent cones but no others can compare in my opinion. Will recomend to others. Gives a great stain, last a while and smells lovely

Tayaba – (February ’15)


As salamou “alaykounna wa barakatouhou.
Hi everyone.
It’s my first order to henna by afruza.
I’ve had buy cajeput hennacone and lavander hennacone.
Now i’ve only tried lavander essential oil hennacone.
The past is good and  smells soo good mashaallah.
It’s make few time to be dry.
3days after the application, my mehandi is brown and dark.
Im happy. Thank u very much.

Oum Asrar – Troyes in France (January ’15)



This is pretty amazing! Ordered glitter henna cones on Tuesday night and received them on Wednesday… Fantastic!! For the speedy delivery and amazingly easy-flowing henna it’s most definitely worth every single penny!! Will definitely be buying henna cones as well as soon as my ones have finished I can just tell that they will be amazing!! Keep up the BRILLIANT work!! Definitely 10/10 xxx

Saddaf Hussain – Stockport (January ’15)


I have been ordering henna from Afruza for a year now. It is one of the best hennas I have tried and it is extremely reasonably priced. I have recommend Afruzas mehndi to clients as well as other henna artists and will continue to do so!  the only one little niggle I have is the red glitter henna which leaves a red ink on my skin after the glitter has been taken off…other than that all her other glitter products work well, just ordered a mica product can’t wait to test it out!!

Thankyou for the great products!

Subbia (March ’14)


thanks for the henna just love the color lots of love from here
p.s im so much gonna order henna again from you <3

Nida – Denmark (March ’14)


Perfect henna cones. I looked everywhere for pre-made cones that flowed easily and stained well. These are those! Stain is beautiful and works just as well even after freezing. Quick delivery is an added bonus. Thanks!

Kat – London (Jan ’14)


I searched online for some henna to use for an Eid Party at the school I teach at, and also for an upcoming wedding. I came across Afruza online and after reading the testimonials and being impressed with them decided to order some. I ordered 5 cones of Henna which was suitable for children. It came through quickly, and I was eager to trial it on my hands. The henna initially came out orange and I was worried it would stay like this. However, to my surprise it darkened as the day went on and after 24 hours it was a gorgeous dark brown and darkening still!!! I can’t recommend Afruzas henna enough and would urge people to try it, you won’t be dissapointed! I know I will not go elsewhere for Henna again. Thank you!

Naz – London (Oct ’13)


I bought mehndi cone’s and glitter, and it was amazing. The mehndi was so Smooth and it is very dark. My customers where very happy with the product. Definitely will be ordering in future. I have ordered mehndi before from other places and i was always disappointed with the colour. I will never go any where else againe. Thanks for my order

Sonia Ali – North Lanarkshire (Oct ’13)


i’ve been searching for a good natural mehndi (with no added chemicals) and in a cone with a good flow since ages, this is best i’ve ever used. I do make my own cones but its so much easier buying them ready made esp when u can as good as these ones! i’d defiantly recommend Afruza’s products to anyone is looking for good mehndi!

Shamaila (Sept ’13)

Asalam waliykum,
I bought the henna cones, already made and I love them. Very good quality. I bought the powder before, and made my own but i prefer the ease of buying pre made ones. I stick them in the freezer. They do not leak even with a lot of pressure being applied, the colour stain after 2 days is amazing, strong, dark and nearly black. I got 10 and they last a long time. I find one cone can do both hands fully and even some left for a small designs on the feet. or if doing a simple hand design i can do about 8-10 people, with just one cone.
I will be ordering more for a charity event soon in sha allah.

Saloua – Trowbridge (July ’13)

Iv only ordered from here once but I’m so impressed! I ordered both glitter gels and natural henna, the henna I was a bit dubious about as I left it for several hours but when I took it off there was jus a pale orange colour on my skin but thankfully it darkened up a lot giving a gorgeous reddy brown colour! The gels give a lovely block of colour as well really bright and stand out so very impressed with both products will definitely be ordering again!

Ayesha Sharif – Halifax (June ’13)

Received it yesterday, after only 2 days ordering… did my henna yesterday… wake up this morning with a beautiful red/black result…. amazing quality! Thnx

Diane – Manchester (May ’13)

Wow! I’ve looked everywhere for perfect henna even tried Ash Kumar whose Mehndi did not even stain.
I’m sooooo impressed with the quality of your work I will be ordering again and again !
Thank you xx

Mandeep Kaur – London (Jan ’13)

Best henna I have used and I.have tried a lot. It gets. Super dark after 48 hours, brilliant stuff, will be ordering again very soon 🙂

Latifah Hedman – London (Oct ’12)

I have ordered a few times from this website now as I loveeee the henna products here I’ve not found any henna as good as these ones they come out really dark and dry very quickly the henna is smooth without any blockages and not too runny either..however I have one teeny critique the cones are never sealed properly I find that the henna leaks most of the time from the sides or the top esp after defrosting them to reuse if u can sort this problem out afruza it would be much appreciated nevertheless ur henna is the best and I wouldn’t even think of buyin henna elsewhere 🙂 xx

N (Oct ’12)

My sister always orders henna from you and I can for sure say that this is the best henna ever. The stain on my hand is incredible! It stains straight away and stays on my hands for weeks.Its amazing how dark it looks on my hand from black to dark red/brown! depending on how long i keep it on. Right now Ive had it on for 2 hours and its only been a few hours but its dark red already. Guaranteed by tomorrow it will be even darker!

Shaima – Newcastle Upon Tyne (Sept ’12)

Have ordered many time from here, without giving a second thought. Couldn’t ask for anything more, when it comes to henna. The best I have ever used and would not even think about any other henna. And Afruzah, is an absolute star, very helpful and such fantastic customer service. Afruzah was incredibly helpful for my 11th hour order for my sisters wedding. Well done. Eid Mubarak

Rafidah – London (Aug ’12)

After trying and suffering irritation from a well known henna company’s glitter gel, I was skeptical to try it again. I decided to look around and found that Henna By Afruza’s prices and glitter gel were very suitable for my skin…NO IRRITATION!! So far, in the USA and UK, I have not been able to find better prices for the 250g refill bags. I hope to always buy from this company!

Neha – New Jersey (July ’12)

Great prompt service- received cones day after ordering and they are good size for a good price!

Not used them yet but am confident they will be good going by passed comments!

Thank you :)!

Natassja – Bury (July ’12)

Many thanks for the product which as you know we ordered at the very last minute. It arrived the next morning and is perfect. Many thanks indeed.

Lucy – Notts (May ’12)

WOW! The response was quick. I ordered 5 Henna cones on Thursaday, and recieved them on Saturday! Brilliant. Henna tubes are a good size, nice and light, with a good flow(no blockages). My only critique would be that the consistancy of the henna was a bit ‘stretchy’ so where I needed to end the pattern I could not with a mere flick which slowed me down.Otherwise, its great stuff!! Thanks, will order again.

R – Avon (May ’12)

I ordered 5 cones on Friday and they were delivered to me the next day, which was very impressive. The mehndi is a much lighter shade than what I’m used to, however once applied it dries quite dark. The mehndi colour is great and has got even darker after 2 days. It’s a really nice deep browney/red. I am very pleased with the service and the colour of the cone. The only thing I will say that if the cone was made slightly tighter like the Ash Kumar cones then they would be easier to use.

Priya Mistry – Wembley, London (May ’12)

Brilliant henna, very fine. I bought the powder and mixed as directed on the website. The colour came out a dark brown and in some places black. Brilliant service and quick delivery. Will order again!

Salwa – London (Nov ’11)

I jus wanted to say ur henna was absollty fantaisic.. The colour of the henna was really dark.. Wen I put it on everyone kept on asking if it was black henna.. Wen i said no, they where really surprised. I love the colour so much.. I have always wanted really dark brown but never got the result that I have go now.. Even in my wedding my henna wasn’t that dark… I would like to thank Afruza so much ur henna was the boom… I’m defornately gonna be order some more in the future….. 🙂

Rumena – London (Oct ’11)

Henna Products arrived promptly and the deepness of colour was Beautiful.
Thank-You Afruza

Asha Verhoeven – Dorset (Sept ’11)

i have ordered henna from afroza several times and have found it to be exellent quality, the colour comes up really well and the henna always has a pleasant smell.

Shahida Begum – Rotherham (July ’11)

Great service, i’m always ordering at the very last minute but the products always arrive on time. The henna cones are amazing never lets me down on the color and the glitter cones are just right texture with an easy flow.

Payal Shah London (May ’11)

I bought a couple of cones at the recommendation of another student on my mehndi course and it is absolutely fantastic, the colour on both sides of my hands has developed over the last three days and is now a beautiful dark brown, the flow is great too and the cones a great manageable size, I will be ordering again! Thanks Afruza!

Tracy Abraham (April ’11)

have spent a fortune over the year on mehndi afruze is very quick devilry and henna color is very very deep it almost like black. i haven’t seen heena like that in my life its amazing soooo good. i did try so many supplier for cone mehndi from America but there mehndi was not colorful. afruze is best supplier and best cone mehndi and well neatly made . i will recommend afruze. thank you so much.

Teena (March ’11)

ive got say the mehndi is easy to apply and very very dark,the results are more promissing if you follow the exact instructions for application. i recommend this henna to all henna lovers! thanx afruza!!

Saliha (March ’11)

good quality

Sarah (Jan ’11)

Just wanted to say that this is the best henna I have ever used!great colour and consistency!I know I’ll never go back to any other henna product ever! Thanks Afruza 🙂

Naz (Nov ’10)

Have spent a fortune over the years on henna which is no good. Am so pleased to of found this supplier as its fantastic henna. Deepest colour and best quality i’ve found. Thank you! 🙂

Emma (July ’10)

I ordered the glitter gel and the henna cones!! I have never seen henna more beautiful collared than this henna. The stain gets darker and darker every day!! In Holland they do not have this kind of henna!! I will keep on ordering from Holland!!

Bianca (May ’10)

I have to say afruza ur henna is absolutley amazing the colour… i couldnt beleive it went so dark…i did a bride few days ago and she loved the results….ur my permenant source for henna paste

Naz’s Henna (Feb ’10)

the glitter mehndi is very strong the way it shud be wicked will definately be ordering the glitter mendi an glitter jars orderd mehndi jus nw i knw it will be jus as gud !

S. Fatima (Jan ’10)

Received my henna from you love it.the fresh cones r fantastic.the colour was amazing.

Sameah (Nov ’09)

Received my henna stuff from you and love the glitter. Did a simple design for my niece and she loved it!!! Will defo be purchasing from you again!!!

S. Motiwala (Nov ’09)

The fresh henna cones are fantastic, not just for personal use but great for professional henna artists aswell. The henna was great to apply and the colour was amazing. I have bought henna cones from other suppliers but Afruza’s are the only ones i would recommend . x

M. Saleem (Nov ’09)

wicked glitter products!! soo good! good quality, good price, quick delivery, and very helpful!

hope all goes well for you in the future!!

Sohni (Aug ’09)

Visited Rox music festival where afruza was doing henna tattos and decided to have one done which came out beautifully, i have had a few before but not like this, the color was really dark and the detailing was amazing would totally recommend to anyone. x x x

L.Peace (Aug ’09)

wicked products!! wicked price! quick delivery!

always answers my questions!!

definately a trusted source and quality products!!

inshallah you’ll do well in the future and all that you do!!

Syma (Aug ’09)

Excellent colour so beautiful and rich well worth stocking up on !

F. Khan (July ’09)

Hi Afruza….henna was lovely…..great smell and superb stain…thanks will definateley be coming back for more soon xxxx

S. Siddique

Lovely dark colour and nicely rolled cones in a perfect size..great for someone like me who doesnt like mixing their own henna..I will definitely buy from you again

Erica (June ’09)

just want to say that this is my cousens website and it is amazing…. love all the henna designs… so ppl keep buying… i hav still got the henna on my hand aswel.. that you put on me… bye take care 😀 xx

Pwincess Tammy (March ’09)

Absolutely amazing colour!
Brilliantly rolled cone, easy to use, and the perfect size. The mehndi has great a great consistency making it perfect for applying and shading.
Just ordered 10 more cones! Execellent choice for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of mixing their own henna trying to get the same colour everytime, or for those who don’t like rolling cones.

Will keep ordering in future.

Z. Shahid (Oct ’08)

The henna is a lovely strong colour and is very smooth so it applies easily. The cones are a clean and easy way to learn to use henna without having to think about mixing it correctly and are suitable for anyone who wants henna without the fuss and mess of making your own mix. They are also very economcial. Snip the end off the cone with a pair of nail clippers so you can have a nice thin line if you want or take more off if you want it to come out thicker. All in all a great buy. I will be buying more.

L. Coots (Oct ’09)

The mehndi colour was fantastic, I was really amazed at how dark it came out. I am doing a wedding this weekend so Im sure they will be pleased.

M. Thandi

I just wanted to say how wonderful the henna has turned out. I tried it on the back of my hand when I first got it and the color was dark, but I have put it on my palms and it has come out really dark brown/black.
I was at a wedding and everyone was asking which henna it was.
I will defo be buying some more henna from you in the future.


yep can totally vouch for the mendhi, its wicked! will defo be ordering some more from you. i slept with it on and it came out the darkest brown colour i have ever had, it was even darker than my wedding mendhi!

R. Sandhu

I’d just like to recommend Afruza’s mehndi. Nice size cones with lovely consistency, and the stain is really deep. I was really impressed with both price and speed of delivery. I was henna-ing at a school summer fair, and was worried I would let them down by using henna cones I hadn’t worked with before but I will definitely order from you again… Thank you.

S. Ali

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