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Fresh Mixed Henna Paste


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Product Description

HennaByAfruza brings you the finest quality henna. The smooth paste ensures easy application of intricate designs and produces rich darks stains ideal for professional and personal use.

Cajeput Mix: Contains Cajeput essential oil, not suitable for children under 6 and during pregnancy.

Lavender Mix: Contains Lavender essential oil, suitable for young children and during pregnancy.

Approximately 350g of HennaByAfruza’s pre-mixed henna paste in a carrot shaped bag for easy dispensing into chosen applicator.

If you have trouble getting the mix just right then why not let me make it for you!

Achieve beautiful dark stains with my special 100% natural mix paste. No chemicals or colourants added.

This paste can be stored frozen for up to one year. Just thaw the amount you need to use and keep the rest frozen. No more than 4 thaws are recommended for the paste as the quality of the stain will be affected with repeated freezing.

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Cajeput Mix, LavenderMix