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Fresh Natural Henna Cone

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HennaByAfruza brings you the finest quality henna. The smooth paste ensures easy application of intricate designs and produces rich darks stains ideal for professional and personal use.

Cajeput Mix: Contains Cajeput essential oil, not suitable for children under 6 and during pregnancy.

Lavender Mix: Contains Lavender essential oil, suitable for young children and during pregnancy.


Made from the freshest henna powder from Sojat, Rajasthan and superior essential oils, these henna cones are freshly made to order for every customer, October 2016 Crop produces a deep colour and guarantees beautiful dark stains.

Henna cones are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals or colourants, just amazing results.

Each cone contains a generous 30 – 35g of henna paste, enough for many many henna designs!

These are fresh henna and by their nature a perishable product.
Use within 2 days of arrival or keep frozen for up to 1 year, best used within 6 months.

PLEASE NOTE: A patch test should always be carried out 24hours before application.

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